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Searching for Loans Near Me For A Loft Conversion

I only ever go up into my attic twice a year; the first time to get my Christmas decorations down and the second time to shove them back up there again. I don’t even have that many decorations. Just a tree, some lights, coloured tinsel and other assorted trinkets that I wrap around or stick on the tree and throughout my home. We’re talking maybe three or four boxes total, including the tree. But the attic is huge. All that space pretty much wasted.

I have a three bedroom house and three children. The youngest two share a bedroom, my eldest has his own and then of course the last bedroom is mine and my wife’s. Whilst the rooms are all decent sizes, I’m pretty sure my youngest two kids would be happy to have their own spaces. In fact, I’m pretty sure that they’re desperate to have their very own rooms and be rid of their sibling. Which got me thinking. I love my home and have no intention moving, ever, but there must be something I can do here so that everyone can be happy. Then it hit me.

The attic! Tons of space that is simply unused. I thought, why not get a loft conversion?! I felt a bit stupid that I’d never even thought of the idea before. It seems so simple and so damn obvious. There’s room for two full size bedrooms up there, both with en suites. If I end up having even more children (let’s hope not) there’ll be more than enough room for the whole family.

So I hopped on the phone and got a few quotes and my newfound dreams were shattered almost instantly. I didn’t believe the first guys quote, or the second, but after another painful conversation with a third company I finally accepted reality.

Loft conversions are damn expensive! I was hoping to pay for it out of my own money but not with those prices. I just don’t have that kind of money sitting around. Who does?

But by then I was enamoured with the idea and was pretty certain that this was the route to take.

With my trusty laptop in front of me, I made a few google searches and jumped back on the phone.

I searched for loan places near me and around my area and literally had too many to choose from. An abundance of companies offering to loan me the exact amount of money I needed with more than reasonable repayment rates. Oh, I found most of the companies here by the way.

So it looks like Operation Attic Conversion is a go!