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Very Cheap Car Insurance No Deposit – Vacation almost ruined

Our Disney World Vacation was Almost Ruined

My little family consists of my wonderful husband, two daughters and myself. We try to spend at least one week each summer doing something we all enjoy, making family memories. We started planning this year’s summer vacation eighteen months ago. All of us are excited because we’re going to Disney World. Yes, the magical place where every kid, and most adults, dreams of going. We have everything mapped out from departure to return and expect this to be the best family vacation yet. We even purchased a new van and found very cheap car insurance no deposit required. Well, up until a few unexpected turns of events almost crushed that dream. We found our no deposit car insurance here by the way:

It was the end of the school year and we were out celebrating the good grades our girls received during the semester. We took them to a trampoline park and for pizza afterwards. We go to this place all the time, as it’s our girls favorite spot and we always get free tokens during visits and discounts for future visits. Therefore, we love it too. This particular evening was relatively crowded, we assumed it to be the end of school crowd. While inside, some of the older teens were horse playing on one of the trampoline sets. Out of concern, we removed our girls from the area and alerted employees that someone may get hurt. They cleared the area of those engaging in unsafe behavior and told us we could return to the area. Our girls were grateful because this is their favorite part of the park.

Once they were back and playing, all seemed to be okay when out of nowhere, this really tall teenager lunged into the trampoline bar, striking our nine-year old in the head. It all happened so fast and I couldn’t move but my husband sprung to his feet and was by her side in seconds. This frightened our seven-year-old of course, and there was blood running from my little girl’s head. We had no idea how bad it was but all I knew is that my baby had been hurt. Employees rushed over but we insisted on taking her to the ER immediately and didn’t bother to sort out miniscule details.

Our little girl went through a series of test and finally the doctor came in to tell us that everything would be okay. He said she had no internal bleeding or bruising and the only thing he prescribed was an ice compress, a good night’s rest and a great time at Disney World next week.  Needless to say, we were primarily concerned with her well-being but our summer vacation was a blast and all the kids talk about now.