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My name’s Cherry, I’m a mom of two boy’s and live in the U.S.A ( New Jersey!). I was a wife of a USMC officer who has now moved on to other things. This blog is about shairng experiences as a wife and raising a family while married to an officer of the USMC.

Since my husband is no longer a USMC officer I’ll also be talking about my day to day life as a wife of to boy’s who are 7 and 12, and take up a majority of my time!

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Thank you, and hope you enjoy my blog.

Who has the cheapest auto insurance?

calling my insurance company

Hey guys and girls!

I’m looking for some cheap auto insurance. Found this interesting site: They have an interesting post on auto insurance “Who has the cheapest auto insurance?

From what I understanding reading the article above is that there is no such thing has cheapest auto insurance. Prices are decided by way too many factors like where you live, and your car, driving record and more.

But there’s one thing they don’t account for… Military service.

If you or your spouse is or was in the military you may be eligible for some pretty big discounts you’re not aware of.

A lot of the insurance quotes websites I found didn’t factor that in, you had to call in and talk with an agent.

Fortunately for me I had a boring monday with nothing better to do. So after 2 hours of calling as many auto insurance companies as I could I was able to snag an awesome deal on some full coverage car insurance.

Overall I was able to save 20% on auto insurance. Not bad for 2 hours work!

Now I just need to make the some calls for my and my husbands life insurance. Sighhh, maybe next month lol.

Calling in multiple insurance companies is not fun. I really want someone to think of a better way to compare insurance rates. The site above is great, but is to generic for some people. Guess it feels good to be in the 1% in something. Even if it means I’m a pain in the butt customer!

Anyway I really didn’t want my first post to be moaning about car insurance, unfortunately this is life!

Hope you guy’s stick around for more. Hopefully I’ll have something more fun to share.